Principal's Message
Principal’s Message:

Kia ora parents and caregivers,

For a number of our students the third term is a very important one. Whilst it is important for all, our year 11-13 students are basically on their final run up to achieving the credits they need to achieve NCEA level 1, 2 or 3. Gaining these credits and achieving the goals that have been set will not happen by just turning up at school. Students need to put in place a study regime that will help them to not only effectively cover all the on-going work required but also the review and revision of work already completed. Support from home is essential in helping to instil this work ethic. Our senior students should be using some of their out of school time to strengthen these processes and therefore ensure greater success within NCEA.

As part of this process last Wednesday and tomorrow night we have are conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences. This is a very good way for all parents to get an update on their children‟s progress. Our Y9-13 teachers will be in the library between 3.00 – 6.00 pm to speak with any parents who would like an update on progress. Parents of year 1-8 students already have booked times with their children‟s individual classroom teachers. A big thank you to all those parents who have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

As part of school initiatives to improve engagement we have been working very hard on student attitude towards punctuality and general attendance. Whilst we have had significant success in improving this across the school we still have a group of students who find it difficult to make the morning 8.45 am threshold. It is important that students are at school and ready to begin the day at 8.45 and we need the on-going support of home to ensure that this happens. Please make this a priority on school day mornings.

Elsewhere in this newsletter there is information about 2 exciting opportunities for our students and home in general.

On Monday Year 9-13 students had a visit from our local doctor and school nurse to explain the ways in which students can interact with these services. We have a nurse clinic available here at school on Mondays and Friday morning‟s where students are able to access health services.

Pihanga Health has also set up a system whereby all students up to the age of 18 can have free consults with a doctor at their rooms. These consults are by appointment except on a Wednesday afternoon between 3.00pm – 5.00pm where no appointment is necessary.

A second round of Computers in Homes is about to be set up. Please refer to the brochure and if interested fill it in and send back to school. Those parents already involved in the programme will be getting a call from the people operating it asking that they bring the computer into school for a final check before signing it over to them. This is a great initiative to be involved with.

Please note we have set the 24th of October as a Teacher only Day. School is closed for instruction on this day.

Ngà mihi

Steve Allen