Principal's Message
Principal’s Message:

Tena Koutou Parents and Caregivers,

A very warm welcome back to school for 2016. We start the year on a higher than expected roll count and this is across the school. It is great to see the commitment from most of our students already in choosing to wear the correct uniform, be to class on time and engage in learning. This is a very positive start to the year and one that we intend to reinforce and expect on an ongoing basis. Home can help in this regard by ensuring that students are up in time to be at school for the 8.45 Tutor Time. This is an important time in the school day where messages and important information is conveyed to students. School needs the support of each and every whānau to make this happen on a regular basis. Your efforts in this area will be much appreciated.

As we start the year the preliminary school-wide NCEA results are beginning to be reported to us from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Initial results are indicating a significant improvement in outcomes for Year 11-13 students in the NCEA environment. Once confirmed results are ready these will be shared with our community and I am quite sure we will be celebrating the improvement and successes of our rangatahi.

This week we have all of our Year 12 & 13 students involved in a Leadership Wānanga at Korohe Marae using a group of very talented external facilitators including Rawiri Tapiata and his team. This Wānanga is a continuation of the very successful ones held during 2015 where the overall emphasis is on further developing strong leadership skills and personal confidence. The results from last year’s programme show significant improvements in our students in these areas that benefited not only them personally but also as role models within our school.

As well as continuing our focus on sound teaching and learning programmes there will be a number of other initiatives happening around the school including some reasonably large property refurbishment projects. There has been a delay in one of the projects that we had hoped would at least be underway now, if not completed, but this is now back on track. More news on this later.

Our term this year is punctuated with the Easter break. For the last few years this has been within the school term but this year school will be closed from Friday 25 March until Tuesday 29 March with students returning to school on Wednesday 30 March. Term one finishes on Friday 15 April.

Let’s have a positive and very successful term one.

Ngā mihi

Steve Allen

Start Up Dates for 2016:

Term One:               2nd February                                                15th April 2016

Term Two:               2nd May                                                          8th July 2016

Term Three:             25th July                                             23rd September 2016

Term Four:              10th October                                        14th December 2016

BOT Meetings

February 15th

March 21st

May 16th

June 20th

August 15th

September 19th

October 17th

November 21st

December 12th

House Tabloids

On Monday 15th February we are holding the House Tabloids on the school field. All students will be participating in a variety of athletics based activities.

All students will need to wear the appropriate clothing i.e. Shorts/T-shirt/hat/track shoes/water bottle/sunblock.


Meet in Greet

After the house tabloids we are inviting parents/caregivers/whanau to meet with the teachers/tutors of their children. The year 1 – 8 Meet and Greet will bake place in their child’s classroom. The Year 9 -13 Meet and Greet will take place in the staffroom



Rooms: 1,2,7                  3.00 to 3.15pm

Rooms: 4,5 8,9,10,11       3.15 – 3.30pm

Rooms: 12,13,17             3.30 – 3.45pm

Year 9 – 13                     3.45 – 4.00pmHave you downloaded your - 2016 Tongariro School Parent Teacher Calendar App!!!

Tongariro School Parent Teacher Calendar App

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