Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Ka eke ki te pae o te angitu.

Kia Ora Koutou

Welcome back to Term 3. We hope you had an enjoyable time with your children. It was with sadness that at the end of term 2 we farewell Royce Nurse who had committed a combined 19 years to Tongariro High school and Tongariro School, we wish Royce all the best in his retirement. We also said farewell to Sonia Mau. Sonic was head hunted to become Deputy principal. Although not long with us we thank Sonia for the work she did.

It is my pleasure to welcome Jamie Lee Caldwell to our staff replacing Sonia Mau, Breton Searancke replacing Royce Nurse and Nora Maaka who is covering my teaching role wile I am acting principal while Mr Allen is on Medical Leave.

During week 1 of the holidays I was fortunate enough to travel with seven of our students and Te Takinga to Dunedin for the NZ Area Schools National Sports Tournament. Congratulations to all of our students for their efforts on and off the courts/fields and in particular Roera Hartley and Merenia Hepi who made national Teams. The travelling students were Roera and Waratana Hartley, Merenia Hepi, Te Waipuna Mc Creadie, Marcellus Nurse, Hunter Breeze McLaughlin and Airon Reweti Clark.

I would like to acknowledge the work that is being put into preparing our students for Taiopenga which take place this term. To our tutors and students well done, kia kaha.

The year 12 & 13 students are on leadership training for the next 3 days at Otukou Marae. Our Year 9 & 10 students are attending a Careers Expo at the Great lake Centre in Taupo as this newsletter goes to print. Then again on Friday for those who achieved the set Year 9 & 10 Diploma Criteria for Term 2 they will be spending their day sailing on Lake Taupo and swimming at the AC Baths.

With the many disruptions that are all part of your student’s life it is therefore very important that when they are at school that they arrive on time at 8.45am and that they treat class time as the valuable time is. There is an expectation that class time missed for EOTC and other such activities will be caught up in study periods, after school catch ups, or homework.

Congratulations Whaea Tania Henderson for your achievement in obtaining your level 1 Teacher Aide.

Our thoughts are with Mrs Lyn Hunt and family whose mother passed away suddenly on Sunday night. Therefore, Mrs Hunt will be away from school or the rest of the week at this stage.

Nga mihi nui,
Denise New
Acting Principal

It is great to hear the success stories of past students who have gone on to very successful careers and are subsequently recognised by their professions. We congratulate Chloe Winter for winning the Cannon Media Junior Reporter of the Year at the awards function at Te Papa last Friday night. 

We had Chloe back as our Guest speaker at last year’s Academic Awards and it was great to hear o her ongoing successes and her journey getting there. Well done Chloe. If other families have stories such as this, we would love to be able to recognise them in our school newsletter as well.

We had a very successful Bullyproof Awareness Day that was organised by our local coordinator Fenella Davis. Lots of our students dressed up in pink to acknowledge the day and in years 1-8 there was a pink baking competition that was won by Morgan Foxall for most outstanding baking, Kataraina Mareikura Fremlin for highly recommend baking and Jacob Caldwell won best dressed.

Baking goods were then taken to the Town Centre and sold with proceeds going to support the messages of the campaign. Well done to all those who took part in the day.

Congratulations to Kerrian Duff 

Kerrian is one of 30 Maori and Pasifika High Achievers to be awarded the Kupe Scholarship. Kerrian had to go to Parliament with Heriaa to receive the tohu as a keep sake.

Each year 30 Kupe Scholarships are awarded to students throughout New Zealand based on strong academic success and demonstrable leadership experience in their respective whānau, communities, and iwi This scholarship provides an opportunity for them to be inspiring, role model teachers, who will make a positive difference in the lives of children."

Kupe scholarship recipients will have their course fees paid, a $15,000 study allowance, professional mentoring, and assistance with finding a job.

Well done Kerrian.

From the Pastoral Team 

Late students require a note from home

Late students from year 7 – 13 who have a justified lateness and note will not be penalised with a thinking room.

Late students who have a not explained absence will be placed on the thinking room

Deans will be checking the sign in book daily.

Students who are in year 1-6 who are late 3 times in a row without an explanation will receive a letter home.

Senior Leadership Wananga 

It is an expectation that all students are attending the leadership wananga. The final wananga for this year is in Week 9 at Pukawa marae from the 19th to 21st September. This is the last week of the school term.

Kapa Haka 

A very big thank you to students who participated in the year 7-13 wananga last week. Your tenacity, perseverance, respectful and responsible conduct was apparent throughout the whole wananga. We would not have been able to do this without the support of whanau. A big mihi to those who were able to help with kai and preparation.

A very big thank your Erenora, Te Hiko o Te Rangi, Cherie, Cheryl, Brenton, Peter, Chelsea, George, Donna, Heneriata, Rangituia and of course to Ahurei.

Writing Piece from Room 17

My Koro

Koro often sits in his Hilux waiting for the dogs to bail. Reading the latest ‘Hooked on Boars’ magazine, all morning his shades sit on his baldhead.

He slowly flicks back and forth while his shiny baldhead gleams off the morning sun. When the dogs bail he slowly gets down from the Hilux to go to the bail. When he puts the dogs away his back cracks like the burning fire. The holes in his t-shirt and pants are caused by the ashes of the bad cigars he smokes.

As he watches ‘Hunting Aotearoa’ at 9.30pm, he falls asleep snoring like a roaring stag.

By Jacob Bergersen

Anzac Day 2016

Room 17 ANZAC Day Haiku

 Fields filled with tears

Shed by the angels crying

For soldiers killed

Acacia Albert


Anzac is our name

We tried our best to win war

For loved ones that survive

Dayna Jane Smythe


Soldiers forced to fight

We will never forget you

Fighting for our lives

Tiori Gallagher


The guns were shooting

Waiting for an enemy

We will stand and fight

Kohatu Herangi – Searancke

 Shadow haunts the line

The darkness runs for the light

Fear is bought forward

Te Rina Albert


Soldiers died for us

Soldiers using all their might

Just so we can live

Logan Tihi


Soldiers shoot and die

Soldiers fight and die for us

We will remember them

Ariana Martin


Retrieving bodies

Brave soldiers protecting us

Shot down one by one

Te Aroha Diane Harmer


As the sun rises

We stand and fight for our lives

Till we have fallen

Alec Goddard

Brave soldiers fighting

 In trenches with machine guns

And mortars firing.

Odin Smith Puhi


Turks killing thousands

Trenches filled with firing guns

Still killing hundreds

Aperahama Grattan


Tears shed in horror                          

The whimpering of soldiers

Trenches filled with blood

Irihapeti Whakatihi


Horses in battle

Running fast to stay alive

Left behind brave steeds

Tyler Furze


Soldiers die for us

To protect our country NZ

We will never forget

Kaydn Whareaitu Galloway


Heroes in the dawn

Cries of pain break the silence

Never forgotten

Tyla Solomon


Soldiers sent to fight

Dying on the battlefield

What a waste of life

Jemaima Bell


Gunfire everywhere

Killing thousands of soldiers

Grenades exploding

Patrick Reid


War chants are shouted

Stretcher bearers are ready

Silence then fire

Jade Turanga

Parking and pick up of students on

Waipapa Road

Please be aware every morning and after school we have three separate buses dropping off and picking up students to travel to and from school.

Parents and caregivers please DO NOT park in the school bus lane.

This is reserved for the GO Buses only.

Drivers must travel 20kmh when passing a parked school bus on either side of the road, when passengers are embarking or disembarking. This is required by law.

When picking up your child parking further down the road is your best option, getting out and greeting your child, escorting them back to the vehicle is the safest decision for all our tamariki.

Tongariro School Parent Teacher Calendar App
Have a new notification system called
Push Notification
If you need to notify our school community

Contact Donna with your notification, this notification could be out into the community within 30 minutes similar to a text message. You will only receive thisif you have downloaded our Parent Teacher Calendar App

Donna can be contacted on or 073868684 ext 820

Tongariro School Parent Teacher Calendar App PT Calendar App
  • To download this on to your phone (Android or I Phone)
  • Go to app store on phone (Samsung = Play Store)
  • Click on Apps
  • Go to Search
  • Type in Parent Teacher Calendar App 
  • This logo will show, and install it
  • You will be able to see what is happening in the school eg: trips, sporting events etc
  • If you would like information entered on this app please contact:

Tongariro School
Board of Trustees

Congratulations to our newly elected Board of Trustees who take office on 27 May.  I look forward to working with you all in the betterment of Tongariro School.

The new Board is

        • Janice Beauchamp
        • Waitapu Beech
        • Tangonui Kingi
        • Joanne Matene
        • Kiley Millar

        • Vanessa Lumley (Staff Representative)
        • Marcellus Nurse (Student Representative)
        • Steven Allen (Principal)

Dental Clinic


Tongariro School Dental Clinic is open Monday –Thursday from 8.30pm to 4.00pm, and closed Fridays and every alternative Wednesdays.


Free dental care is provided from birth to 18 years of age and we welcome enrolments from 12 months old. This term our focus is on completing all Year 9 – 13 students registered with us as well as catching up with pre-schoolers. It is important that students attend these appointments on time or notify us if they are unable to attend. These appointments are made during school time. Maintaining a general level of good oral health is a fairly easy task. It is not costly or time consuming yet many choose to ignore this basic day to day hygiene Instead of a chore.


Key messages:


·         Brush x 2 daily especially at night using fluoride toothpaste. Spit don’t rinse.

·         Reduce how often you have sweet foods and drinks

·         Water is best

·         Attend regular check-ups and seek treatment early instead of waiting for a toothache


Any queries phone 07 386 8690


Keep smiling.

Dental Team